#1 Crisp And Clean

Orange, Cucumber, Leafy Greens, Basil

// Rich in essential minerals
// Anti inflammatory
// Rich in Vits C & K

Looks green, tastes orange! The mellow and refreshing combination of orange and basil tastes delicious with the cooling cucumber, and gives a hit of essential nutrients in the form of manganese, magnesium, iron and silica and sulphur. The silica and sulphur found in the cucumber promote strong healthy nails and hair, while its diuretic properties flush excess water and toxins from the body clearing the skin. The leafy greens are packed with Vitamins C & K, and rich in folate, needed for regenerating red blood cells and strong cardio vascular health.

250ml - £4.80
500ml - £7.50

Please order here via Deliveroo. Deliveries to London only.

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